A review by ipekreading
The Fortunes of Jaded Women by Carolyn Huynh


The Duong sisters, a Vietnamese-American family, are cursed with only having daughters, they have been so for generations. They also don't get along very well with each other or their daughters. The eldest sister Mai is told by her trusted psychic that this year there will be a funeral, a pregnancy and a marriage in her family, things that will bring them together for the first time in years! The story is told from the perspective of 10+ women, all who have different aspirations and challenges.
This book is just hilarious. The drama is really dialed up and Huynh does an amazing job of making the chaos jump out of the page. I am usually a silent reader but I was actually cackling at parts of this book. It also takes a deep look at mother-daughter relationships, being the eldest or middle child in a family, as well as stereotypes Vietnamese Americans have to deal with. I did have to consult the family tree to remember who was who at times, but I really enjoyed the multiple points of views and how they propelled the story.
Pick this up for some really entertaining family drama! Thank you so much Atria Books, NetGalley and Carolyn Huynh for the ARC.

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