A review by micgmore
Brave New Love: 15 Dystopian Tales of Desire by Paula Guran


I read 4 stories, and that was enough to make it clear that this anthology focuses on the romance, and not the dystopia. I read the stories by the 3 authors who have written novels I've read (and liked). The other story I read for no other reason than just to read it. None of the other stories attracted me enough to actually read them.

In the Clearing/Kiera Cass: 3 stars- Predictable, vaguely dystopian, and hard to distinguish between the 2 points of view in some parts.

Now Purple with Love's Wounds/Carrie Vaughn: 2 stars- Dull, but the cliffhanger ending was delightfully shocking. It is so shocking and wonderful, in fact, that I gave this story another star to its 1 star ranking.

Berserker Eyes/Maria V. Snyder: 5 stars- I want a full length novel continuing this story, pronto. This little story had excellent characterization and plot, as well as a true dystopian nature.

Seekers in the City/Jeanne DuPrau: 3 stars- Whoever thought this was dystopian was on crack. The romance was totes adorb, though:)

2 stars for this anthology. Only 4 of the 15 stories interested me, and the reason behind reading 3 of those was the author behind it, and not the story itself. I would give it a 1 star ranking, but a star has to be added for the presence of Berserker Eyes.