A review by taisie22
Family Tree by Susan Wiggs



Annie Rush, producer for a successful cooking show, finds out she's pregnant, her husband is having an affair, and then gets hit in the head in a freak accident that puts her in a coma for a year. She wakes up to find herself back home in Vermont, not remembering much about her previous life. As memories gradually return to her, she regains her strength and starts a new life.
It's a charming story, very Hallmark in describing the Vermont countryside and life. The story goes back and forth between Annie's high school/college years and the present, sometimes from the POVs of her mother or her high school boyfriend, Fletcher. Some things took me out of the story occasionally: for example, Fletcher getting into Harvard Law School after taking college night courses, then becoming a lawyer and judge in what seemed to be about ten years, or Annie only being able to do a cooking show in LA, one that seemed high-budget for someone just out of college with no real experience. 
Mostly, I enjoyed the story, though the ending seemed a bit forced. Why couldn't Annie do a show from her kitchen, a local affiliate, or even Burlington or Boston? Why the drama of having to move to Los Angeles? It cheapened her romance with Fletcher, in my opinion, that she couldn't make compromises in the third or fourth time she left him behind. His career was not as flexible at this point, but meh. Anyway, 3 1/2 stars.