A review by ari_reading_
The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green


The fault in our stars is the one John Green book I've actually been able to finish.
However, though there are some serious things, the corny quotes really degrade the serious situations that some people in real life suffer from like the main characters do. It's almost an insult.

It's cringy yet I enjoyed reading it, until the end, when I was mad and also just kind of sick and tired of the book. It tried to be relevant but it became cheesy and pretentious.
However, the ending is sad, almost heartbreaking.
I feel like this is a guilty read for me because though it was corny and at times annoying, I didn't mark it as a DNF and I kept going, till the very end.
It's enjoyable and heartbreaking and cheesy at some points.

Honestly, after having to watch Hank Green videos in school,
I keep thinking of him while writing this review.