A review by missapples
Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy


The most astonishing thing about this novel is how Tolstoy is able to discuss serious matters like philosophy and psychology but not for a second sounding too smart, obnoxious or boring. He leads you through the lives of his characters and you believe they are real people, you understand and defend even those you'd despise in real life. In just a few details he is able to show a wide range of emotions, raw and honest, but never does he go overboard.
I simply love this book, although I didn't find any of the female characters to identify with myself. I think his male characters are much stronger and more interesting. It's ironic the novel is titled "Anna Karenina", but then maybe there's something I'm not old enough to see yet? I'm sure I'll read it again several years from now and find something new.