A review by mehsi
#veryfat #verybrave: The Fat Girl's Guide to Being #brave and Not a Dejected, Melancholy, Down-In-The-Dumps Weeping Fat Girl in a Bikini by Nicole Byer


I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just adore Nicole Byer (Nailed it is just amazing) and I love these books about body positivity. So I had to try out this book, and I can tell you I loved it and will be adding it to my collection when the book releases in May!

This book is about body positivity and then especially doing stuff in a bikini. Nicole can list around 199 things you can do in a bikini and encourages you to add some more. Some of the things include baking bacon (though she recommends not wearing a bikini for that :P), bench-pressing a baby, throwing bags of potatoes in the ocean, and more. I had such a big laugh at this one.
She even includes a guide on finding a special bikini for two occasions and there are plenty of tips on how to overcome and be brave! I loved reading those tips. I am not fat or overweight, but I got enough body issues that I drive my hubby crazy, so I was happy with those tips. I hope I don’t offend someone, given that this book is about fat + bravery and I am in the OK weight range. But yeah, body issues are real. God, I wish I could just love my body.