A review by melbsreads
Dark Island by Matthew James


Trigger warnings: death, blood, gore, death of a spouse, explosions, mentions of sexual assault (in the past), animal death, basically anything you'd expect to find in Jurassic Park... 

Okay so this year I'm trying to read books set in 50 different countries and I'm behind schedule which always stresses me the fuck out so periodically I just search different country names in Scribd to see what comes up. I searched for Madagascar and this came up. Being the Jurassic Park fangirl that I am, obviously I was sold. And I listened to the entire thing during the course of my work day because of course I did.

Ultimately, this was like Jurassic Park meets The Meg meets Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Was it utter ridiculous? Yes. Was it also ridiculously entertaining? Absolutely. Should the audiobook narrator never again attempt an Australian accent because it nearly made my ears bleed? For sure. Was I hooked from start to finish despite the horrifying Australian accent? YOU BET.