A review by nwhyte
Doctor Who Short Trips: A Christmas Treasury by Val Douglas, Paul Saint, Karen Dunn, Peter Adamson, Mark Wright, Paul Cornell, Jim Sangster, Jackie Marshall, J. Shaun Lyon, Stephen Cole, Cavan Scott, Martin Day, Dave Stone, Terrance Dicks, Darren Sellars, Paul Condon, Simon Guerrier, Vanessa Bishop, Neil Perryman, Jo Fletcher, Lawrence Miles, Nick Wallace, Andy Campbell, Marc Platt, Stephen Fewell, Peter Anghelides, Ian Potter, Jonathan Morris, Mark Michalowski, Matthew Griffiths



These themed anthologies of Who stories are sometimes more miss than hit, and I fear this is largely in the former category - perhaps not helped by my reading it at the height of summer rather than in the Christmas season for which it was intended when published in 2004, with New Who looming round the corner. Perhaps appropriately, the two stories I enjoyed most are reflexive vignettes where the TV show becomes part of the narrative, "Christmas Special" by Marc Platt and even more so "All Our Christmases" by Steve Lyons. Otherwise I think this is best enjoyed with mulled win in one's hand and a seasonal mood in one's brain.