A review by ranaelizabeth
Immunity by Taylor Antrim


Decent plot but it falls apart with transitions between scenes. It's too easy to see the framework of the story, like the author has index cards with each scene on it and then just jumps from one index card to the next. All the reader's getting is the index cards with no development or building of momentum.

And I don't normally blink at pretend science but holy moly, ...it was novel too, a sort of genetic medley of influenza and Lassa, with the ability to persist in the blood like HIV, that's just stupid. Just make it a really bad flu and nobody blinks. But a combination of two completely different viruses? Yeah, no.

But, I will say that my favorite part of the book?
SpoilerThe device that is implanted, it doesn't actually give you immunity but that causes temporary paralysis when you become infected and thus, decreasing the ability for the virus to spread? That's totally mind-blowing.