A review by alba_marie
Doctor Who: Scratchman by Tom Baker, James Goss


[ 2.5 stars ]

Right so, I knew this wasn't going to be exceptional. I didn't go into it looking for a masterpiece. After going strong all year, I've been in a bit of a reading slump the last few weeks (my fault entirely - trying to read Dante's Inferno and The Silk Roads by Peter Frankopan at the same time was a bad idea, too much serious writing all at once!). So I was looking for something light, quick and fun to get me out of this slump. And I thought this would fit the bill.

Alas even these lowered expectations didn't really suit. The writing (attributed to Tom Baker but really ghost written by someone else) wasn't great, the plot was all over the place, the story was routinely interrupted for the Time Lords to jeer at the Doctor, and I didn't feel like the Doctor felt like the Doctor. Plus, it was all from his perspective - which is the exact opposite of the series. It felt disjointed and not even that fun/silly (which was what 'd expected). Overall, quite meh.