A review by avoraciousreader68
Doorway by Les Zigomanis


Amy and her husband Brad are celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary when Amy finds her last relative, Aunt Zara, dead on their bedroom floor. Amy is in shock and when she wakes up to see a door at the foot of their bed and then Aunt Zara sitting in the chair, Brad thinks Amy has lost it. Amy hides the fact from Brad that Aunt Zara is hanging out in the bedroom because she refuses to go through the door. She says she doesn’t know where the door leads and she’s not opening it until she does. But is that really the case or is there another reason for Aunt Zara to be hanging around?

This is a great short story about grief, healing and what’s on the other side. Amy doesn’t want to let Aunt Zara go, so she’s happy. But is it the right thing for Zara to do? Hanging around and delaying Amy’s grief process isn’t exactly healthy for Amy and it’s putting a strain on Amy and Brad’s marriage since Amy runs to the bedroom to talk to Aunt Zara whenever she’s troubled. We find out that Aunt Zara has left some unfinished business and once that business is taken care of Aunt Zara decides it’s time to open that door and see where it leads.

Well-written with an even flow and well-fleshed characters I quite enjoyed this short story. I look forward to reading more by Les Zigomanis.

*The publisher provided a copy of this book to me for review. Please see disclaimer page on my blog.