A review by lisafer
Otherwise Engaged by Suzanne Finnamore


A coworker left this book on the counter on a day when I'd forgotten to bring my own book to read. The description sounded like a comical interpretation of an anxiety-ridden bride-to-be, so I was imagining all sorts of wedding-preparation shenanigans.

Instead I got the story of a manipulative woman (who essentially bullied her fiance into proposing, and then "settled" for a $7k ring she wanted by asking for a $20k ring first!) and all of the psychological issues that brought her to this place. It had less to do with realizing whether she wanted to be with Michael for the rest of her life than her dealing with the notion of otherwise being alone.

I think had I known exactly what it was going in I would've enjoyed it more. It was nice to see a book written in the late 1990s just for nostalgia, and I liked the writing style. But the plot let me numb, and there honestly wasn't a character I liked at all.