A review by effy
Daisy Jones & The Six, by Taylor Jenkins Reid


Review from first re-read: I picked up this book as I had just finished watching the TV show and wanted to go back and compare it to the book. I was actually surprised by how many random little things were changed by the TV show and pretty much all for the better. I was surprised that 
Spoiler Rod is gay in the book which we definitely don't see in the show although we do see Simone having a much more complex queer love story... why could they both be gay?

I think because I have just watched the TV show and basically seen a polished version of the story where characters have more agency and the fatphobia (the way Teddy is discussed in the book is so gross!) has been removed, it was hard to enjoy this book as much as the first time that I read it. It is definitely a compelling story with lots of twists and turns but the flaws were a bit more obvious now.

Favourite quotes:

SpoilerMen often think they deserve a sticker for treating women like people.

SpoilerWhen you're in a situation like that, when you have a man looming over you, it's as if every decision you made to lead to that moment - alone with a man you don't trust - flashes before your eyes. Something tells me men don't do the same thing. When they are standing there, threatening a woman, I doubt they count every wrong step they made to become the asshole they are. But they should.

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