A review by kingjason
EZ.P.Z... Issue One: Beast of Burden by A. Lynn Blumer, Alex Watenen, Gary. J. Karman, Haley Jenkins, Benjamin Blake, K.D. Maddox, Cole Bauer, Andy Carrington, Jade Dolloff, Bob Polzin, Arthur Graham, Leo X. Robertson


Another review of mine that has disappeared, no idea what is going on with Goodreads lately.

Volume 1 of the EZ. P. Zine is a promising start, nice strong collection and quite a few new poets to me. A couple of stand out poems for me were :

1. Leo X Robertson's "erotic" poem about BP's oil spill of 2010. I can easily see oil execs using these lines during sex.

2. Humans by Gary J. Karman was the most interesting in the book, it really stood out because of how different it is to anything else I've read in the past, it had a real Byron feel to it. I ended up reading it 3 times.

A great start to this zine, looking forward to volume 2.

Blog review is here> https://felcherman.wordpress.com/2018/10/14/ez-pzine-volumes-1-4-by-a-lynn-blumer/