A review by subhamroxx
All-Star Batman, Vol. 2: Ends of the Earth, by Scott Snyder


Batman has to stop Mr Freeze as he has unleashed a virus that seems to bring the Ice age back to this world and on the other hand you have Batman going to Ivy to ask for a cure to save people infected. Then another one through the mind of Mad hatter and how he sees everything in Alice in wonderland terms and finally the man behind it all a demon and how he has been putting it into motion all this time. And a duke side story where he fights Bloom and becomes the signal.

Its a bland and boring storyline with pieces connected in some strange manner and the narration is just boring, the art is still good and thats all it is and with constant artist changes its annoying, some scenes look good. But the mad hatter story was just pure bad and its the same old "the villain wants to take over the world" but batman stops it cuz he is batman just no stakes is there and comes off as generic and in poor distaste. And finally the Duke story could have been done in 1 issue rather than stretching it out and it just serves to alleviate the boredom when reading this volume. A big miss for Snyder.