A review by clak5686
Delirious by Marie Force


Kristian Bowen is the producer for the Quantum Group. He has a troubled past that his partners don't know about. Kristian is clearly strong because he overcame terrible adversity. He lives a very controlled life. Meeting Natalie's friend, Aileen Gifford, at Flynn and Natalie's wedding through him for a loop. He's attracted to the single mom but he's also interested in her. Aileen has her own sad backstory. She's very strong. She and her kids have moved to California and she will be working for Quantum. Kris's first reaction is to run and hide. But, he faces Aileen and their attraction. It was great to see the female lead as the really strong and brave character. She helped Kris with hang ups and was there for him when he needed her. He began to see that she loved him and would stick with him no matter what. I loved Kristian with Aileen's kids. He was so concerned about doing things right and it all came very naturally to him. This was a romantic story with a great HEA.