A review by amarylissw
Deadly Little Secret by Laurie Faria Stolarz


Is it bad that I can honestly say there was nothing I enjoyed about this book?

Let's start with the characters:
Our protagonist, Camelia, has no depth whatsoever and spends most of the time obsessing over a touch that makes her feel jittery and acting like a child in the face of danger. What is it with these protagonists?
Ben is nothing special. Super hot, of course, but also entirely bland. There was no chemistry between him and Camelia, and no reason for their attraction. (He has such a great touch, so I should totally fall in love with him. --Camelia)
The rest of the characters have similar development, which makes the story even more annoying.

And the plot. Oh, the poor, poor plot. Predictable, unoriginal, repetitive. I could guess who the culprit was pretty quickly, and the climax was . . . rather anticlimactic. Also, the book seems like such a waste, because part of it is Camelia and he friends talking about useless stuff, another part obsessing over Ben's touch, and a third trying to make the plot suspenseful. Note: Trying.

As for the rest of the story, we have very little on setting, the writing is mediocre, and this book really left me with nothing but disgust. (That may seem harsh, I know, but this book just irked me.)