A review by lillian_francis
DC Beach Blanket Bad Guys Summer Special #1 by Paul Dini, Tomeu Morey, Minkyu Jung, Carlos D'Anda, Daniel Kibblesmith, Corinna Bechko, Laura Braga, Jeff Loveness, Steve Buccellato, David Williams, John Paul Leon, Luis Guerrero, Francesco Mattina, Collin Kelly, Lee Bermejo, Michael Moreci, Paul Mounts, Jackson Lanzing, Matthew Wilson, Amancay Nahuelpan, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Amanda Conner, Cam Smith, June Chung, Tim Seeley, Gabriel Hardman, Arif Prianto, Max Raynor, Vita Ayala, John Kalisz, Shea Fontana


10 stories. All of varying quality, naturally, in a collection like this. These focus on DC villains but few of the villains are downright evil, with the exception of Joker & probably Penguin.

I enjoyed most of them, even though some had an art style I didn't like.
My favourites were Gorilla Grood, Lex Luthor, Earth 3, & Gigantica. I also loved the artwork for the Penguin story but it was a depressing (and predictable) storyline.