A review by orionoconnell
This Savage Song by V.E. Schwab


Content warnings for lots of gore and violence.

An incredible read from beginning to end. The characters were beautifully balanced and fully fleshed out, the story unique, and the world-building spot on. This is the kind of book a potential author aspires to write.
If I dig hard enough, I might critique a couple of the characters for seeming very black-and-white, or, all evil or all good, one dimensional, but it's easy to brush over when both of the main characters in this are fully fleshed out, fully human characters that you want to follow to the ends of the Earth.
This was a 400 page book that got finished in a day, and if it wasn't 6:30 AM, you'd better believe I'd pick up the second one.
Definitely one I'll come back to, and one I hope to see adapted to the big screen in one way or another as well.