A review by thepaperreels
No Place to Fall by Jaye Robin Brown


Any book that mentions The Avett Brothers will be a pleasant read for me. Though its not the mind blowing read that I was expecting, No Other Place to Fall was still an enjoyable read.

I have a love hate relationship with Amber Plain and Small. I love how passionate she is when it comes to singing and how she fought for her dream but small things gets in the way when it comes to me completely adoring her as a main character. First is, she can be a harlot sometimes and stupid. She is so boy crazy that sometimes I think she forgets that she have a lot of brain cells..and she can actually USE IT.

I take it back. Those are not small things.

But, the real problem that I have with this book though, is the love interest. What a manipulative jerk and... and... and... okay I'm running out of insults but he is a douche. I don't like anything about him and I still can't comprehend why he's considered as swoony by our main character. He did a very jerky move at the first part  and my dislike for him just intensified through out the book.

News flash: just because you know how to play a guitar, doesn't mean girls will worship you. Practice how NOT TO BE A FRODO DOUCHEBAGGINS FIRST.

The plot is not really unheard of because honestly, I've read this concept before. Small town girl with incredible talent fights for her dream. Etc etc.. I love how the things ended and how it got there. I still don't understand why I gave this book a 3 since its nothing special but now that I'm writing this review, I just has this realization. No Place to fall is very charming and dreamlike. Maybe its because of the authors writing.. or the setting of the book.. or the poor-girl-got-her-dream concept, but I did really enjoy this book. Though I'm not gaga over it, I still recommend this for readers looking for a mild and slow read...