A review by kaitslibrary
I'm Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy


This book absolutely blew me away! I don't really feel like I can do this review justice but I am going to try my best to write all my thoughts out.

First and foremost, there are a lot of trigger warnings for this book so make sure to look those up before going into this.

This brave and powerful memoir reflects Jennette's life in a very up-close and personal way. We start the novel with her being very young, with a narrative voice that reflects that age. She recounts her acting career, her relationship with her mother, her feelings toward her body, and many more topics. As she grows older, the narrative voice grows older and the reader begins to see McCurdy's mindset change.

I adore that we got to see her grow up and dive deeper into her life. I felt as if I had known her very personally, almost as if we had been friends from a very young age. In a way, my generation did get to see her grow up but I think is important that we understand more of what happened behind the scenes.

I think that this book had such an impact on me because of things happening in my own life, as I can relate to Jennette well. My mother was very abusive and I have struggled with an eating disorder for many years, so the entirety of this book hits very close to home. It was as if all of my feelings were finally put into words reading this memoir. Because of this, I feel like I learned a lot about myself, my own body, recovering from abuse, and more.

Beautiful, devastating, and important -- I recommend this book to everyone (as long as you feel like you can get through it, of course). Definitely a 6-star read for me.