A review by jamie29
Injustice: Ground Zero, Vol. 1 by Christopher Sebela


I really love how this goes into what happens to joker. And I love that Harley is telling the store. So you get her insane version on the story. It is very interesting how all of this started.

Joker killing Lois and Superman’s baby. Like wow he has done so many messed up things over the years, but you also can’t wait to see what they make him do next.

So Harley is sitting on a bench with Flowers that have faces on them. That’s weird, but one of them also have Mr. J’s face because she is talking about what they had done to Superman.

She also talks about joining up with Green Arrow and he people, but they die. And she talks about joining up with all the Batwomen and batgirl. Oh get this she also talks about having a thing for Shazam. Wow what mind blown, but he was on Superman’s side and was a “ bad guy”.

So the story goes on and she is working with Batman because where else is she going to turn to. She talks about these green pills that helps them fight Superman. Like they can take a punch from him and give one right back with out getting badly hurt. So Batman tells her to break into this place.

You are lead to believe that this is one of Superman’s places. She breaks in with some of her thugs and they take out the outside people. Then he thugs tie up the one inside. She basically talks to him and scares him into tell her that she can’t get into the safe.

She get in and then blows the place up. And you learn that it was a place that Batman got the pills from and Lex was the one making them.

Really good I enjoyed it a lot and I would love to continue with the story.