A review by jonetta
Black Friday by Alex Kava


It's the day after Thanksgiving and a bomb has gone off at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. Maggie O'Dell's interim assistant director demands that she join him on the case as they, along with the deputy director of Homeland Security, work with local law enforcement to find the perpetrators.

This story had a great premise and showed a lot of promise in the beginning. It kept me hooked through a lot of the story, more than halfway. Unfortunately, it was again plagued with the tiresome relationship plot line (yes, Nick Morelli is back again). It also failed to deliver the excitement it should have because of sudden shifts in direction and lack of follow through. We're given yet another incomplete finale with hastily tied off loose ends. Maggie also seems to be pedaling a stationary bike with respect to her relationships. Ben Platt makes brief appearances, though they are uninspired.

The best part of the story, the most complete, was the inclusion of Maggie's half-brother Patrick. (Most annoying, though, is the author's reference to him as her stepbrother.) Their relationship moved forward significantly. Let's hope it doesn't fizzle the way the rest seem to do in this series. I'm not sure how long I can continue without some serious character growth and development.