A review by operasara
My So Called Death by Stacey Jay


My So-Called Death by Stacy Jay Follows perky cheerleader Karen. When Karen falls to her death after being dropped off the top of a cheerleading formation she doesn't stay dead, she wakes back up. Karen soon finds herself enrolled at the DEAD school for zombie kids. Unfortunately as soon as she arrives she finds that this school isn't as easy to navigate as the one she left. Her roommate is creepy, everyone seems to dislike her and her classmates are having their brains stolen.

This is a cute zombie novel that kids will love. Karen is a spunky zombie girl who is unafraid to be herself even when it's unpopular. The mythology is crafted in an entertaining way and the mystery has a nice resolution and kept me guessing till the end. I sped through the book reading it in one sitting.

Appropriateness: This book has no adult content. While Karen is in high school her attitude is that of someone younger making this a book that will appeal to a middle grade audience. The romance isn't a main factor in the book and the mystery is more creepy than scary or excessively violent. I recommend this book to readers 10-14.