A review by nglofile
Faith, Volume 2: California Scheming by Jody Houser


Just because you know who you are doesn't mean the world sees you the same way. I guess I never really fit the mold. The things I like, the way I look.

Faith is one of those serials that makes me smile. The way she thinks, the way she's drawn (this. so much this.), the way she expresses herself.
And I was OK with that. I was happy with who I was. At the end of the day, you got to where you are for a reason, right?

There's both a realness and a positivity about her that makes you want to spend time in her company. If she's solving a crime at a Comic Con, that's just a bonus.
That's not to say you should never change. You should always work to do better, be better. But make sure that what you're trying to be is the best version of yourself.

Love her.