A review by catiandrah
Tracking Game by Margaret Mizushima


A solid 3-star book. The author's writing is improving with each book. The action scenes and the scenes with Robo are quite good. The only thing that doesn't ring true currently is the characterisation of the main characters in the book. No-one truly acts like a real person, but more a caricature of how the author thinks a real person would act. For example, the 9-year-old girl acts like a much younger child, and the teenager's personality is very flat. The love interest Cole is just a little too perfect. Oh! I realised what it is, it feels a little too uncanny valley; like the characters are extremely realistic robots that are acting in a way that an AI was programmed to make them act. Regardless, I do enjoy these books. And like I said earlier, each one improves on the last, which is all you can really ask from a new author.