A review by pearseanderson
The Best Science Fiction of the Year: Volume Three by Neil Clarke, Rich Larson


This book took me a long, long time to read, and I think I skipped over some of maybe the best stories—I fear that because the book was so long and I jumped around that A Series of Steaks and the Yoon Ha Lee piece and others might've been missed, but again because it was so long and took half the year, with many stories and novellas falling short on catching me and pulling me in, I think it's another sign that this series doesn't click with what I want out of sci-fi. I am about to start Carmen Maria Machado's guest edited antho for 2019 and assume that will be more in line, especially because it covers fantasy and slipstream and such. 6/10 because of how many were duds in my read.

Connection: I went to Shared Worlds and was instructed by some of these authors in one way or another.