A review by renatasnacks
Storm the Earth by Rebecca Kim Wells


I have a hard time retaining details from books after I read them--I mostly remember sort of a feeling/sense of "Oh I liked it" or "It made me feel sad" or whatever and maybe a few key moments. So when I'm reading series books with a pause in between I either need to re-read the series (big time commitment!) or read a helpful wiki summary (my usual go-to). Unfortch Shatter the Sky didn't develop the kind of devoted fandom who would make a wiki for this so I came up pretty dry looking for a good summary of the last one. Someone please make this.

Anyway I couldn't find a wiki and didn't re-read Shatter the Sky and as a result it took me awhile to find my footing with this one. Like wait......who? What? Why is everyone so concerned about essential oils??? (It's because you can use essential oils to brainwash dragons I guess)

So anyway it was kind of a confusing ride which is partly on me for not doing all my research. But still fun and interesting worldbuilding! I've had a big uptick in kids asking for dragon books lately (thanks Wings of Fire) and this has some choice dragon stuff in it.

PS also I read some other reviews on here who are upset bc this book has a love triangle with a bi main character, her girlfriend, and a new boy love interest, and like, not to deny anyone's feelings about wanting more purely f/f fantasy ofc but...it's valid for a bi woman to end up with a man! It doesn't make her not bi! And from the start Maren identified as bi! OK bye/bi.