A review by pussreboots
Murder in the Place of Anubis by Lynda S. Robinson


Murder in the Place of Anubis is the first book in a series of mysteries that take place during the reign of Tutankhamen. The detective-protagonist is named Lord Meren and he reports directly to the pharaoh.

Meren is called to investigate a murder when a corpse is found in the Place of Anubis (where bodies are mummified).

The novel is part period piece and part standard, no frills, murder investigation. Like Lt. Columbo, Lord Meren knows early on who has done it and the likely motive behind the murder but he still needs enough evidence to prove his case.

While I did enjoy the scenes of interaction between Lord Meren and Tutankhamen, I found the rest of the book too bland to interest me in reading any more books in the series.