A review by the_rabble
Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin

Did not finish book. Stopped at 27%.
Hard to tell where the fun part of this book about games is, so I stopped.

Lots of clichés- which is fine, I love a trope- but none of it was particularly fresh or created movement. 

I liked the family members we met and that one of the characters does some artistic crafting for the other.

Aside from that, this is just rich kids who have bad judgement and trauma. The main characters were not interesting or sympathetic. One is placed in an emotional abusive relationship condoned by her friends. The second time that happened is about where I noped out.

There are also Silicon Valley-esque interstitials of tech reporting that made me like the Ivy Leaguer MCs even less on top of the "it's okay that our friend is
Spoilerdating her old, married, sexist, nihilist, shitheel of an emotionally abusive teacher-boss who is now also financially involved in everything the trio attempts to do

The gaming is not joyful, it's a slog that also manages to paper over how sometimes you just don't win those 90s era games. It felt... discordant with my own experience (but I was a Sega/DOS kid, maybe the author was NES.) 

It also sucks to read a book where the only other woman game designer is portrayed as someone to shit on.

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