A review by georgezakka
Batman Vol. 8: Cold Days by Tom King


Damn.. this is the 4th book I’ve given 5 stars this week, I’ve really been enjoying a lot recently.

Anyways. There are three arcs and loved them all.
The first being about mr freeze and how Batman used excessive force against him to force a confession that wasn’t true. Mr freeze lied because he knew he didn’t do it but he wanted Batman to stop. To stop hurting him. You later see Bruce and others in a room and they all think mr freeze killed three 3 ladies because he “confessed” but Bruce convinces them that Batman made him confess because Bruce felt guilty. I really enjoyed the art by lee weeks which was weird at first but gets better after.

The second was a fun issue with nightwing and Batman roaming through Gotham fighting baddies and shows how when dick was young and his parents died he went through a lot of trouble and the issue shows how fun nightwing can be.

The third was about KGBEAST killing nightwing. This arc was really cool because you notice that Batman has already been hurt a lot when Selina Kyle leaves him at the altar but then nightwing is shot in the head. Imagine how much that must hurt. You also see how scary KGBEAST is such as killing his dad and his entire family and killing everyone who knows him.

Overall great book.