A review by bluepigeon
Angelic, Vol. 1: Heirs & Graces by Caspar Wijngaard, Simon Spurrier


Angelic is a fresh and imaginative story about a girlmonk who refuses to stop asking questions and an outcast Mans (a talking, complaining, cyber-bio manatee) and their quest to find the missing piece of the Aye, the allegedly all-powerful thing that will fix everything, including the toxic clouds that keep the monks from being able to go anywhere beyond their current roost.

The story is certainly clever in world building and organic revelation of events that may have led to the current state of Earth (or Urth). The main characters are developed carefully. The dialog and writing allows the story to run at a very natural pace with enough confusion to relate to the characters and enough explanation to develop events. The panels add to the action and flow beautifully. The art is fantastic with lush colors.

The story comes to a nice climax at the end of the 6th single (end of the first TPB volume 1). I can't wait to read what's next! Recommended for those who like cats, information booths, and flying monkeys.