A review by effy
Seven Days in June by Tia Williams


I picked up this book having heard that it was a little more complicated than a second chance romance and that it was hard hitting. Ultimately I feel as though the romance portion of the book was the weakest aspect and just let the whole book down.

The fact that our main characters were absolutely besotted with one another after only 14 days (with a 15-year gap in the middle) was a really hard sell for me. I also hated the way that 
Spoiler Ty was killed because Shane was happy and distracted; the point was that he was too involved in his mentees' lives and there was a co-dependency but it just felt too surface level the way that it was handled.

I also felt unsatisfied by Eva's whole situation. 
Spoiler I find it hard to believe that she could just choose to not write the next book in a series that she is probably under contract for. I also wanted to see more of her family history story. And then I also felt unsatisfied by her situation with her mother, I think I needed some catharsis of her letting her mother truly have a piece of her mind or maybe establishing healthy boundaries?
I dunno, it just didn't sit well with me.

Ultimately, it was the ending that destroyed my opinion of this book as it did exactly what I hated in Twisted Love and kinda fast-forwarded through a lot of the romance and truly building and developing a relationship. We did get to see a bit more development in this book than Twisted Love but it just kinda felt like a love story in bullet points.

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