A review by meghannf
Injustice: Ground Zero, Vol. 1 by Brian Buccellato, Christopher Sebela


WOW! Injustice from Harley’s point of view, if we are not in for a treat, I don’t know what to say anymore…! And what a treat! This comic was fun, fun, fun and… surprisingly serious at some point!

Honestly I was stunned when I finished it. I wasn't expecting some profound and deep tones in the writing, especially from Harley. The reader can discover a new perspective of Harley’s character. A phenomena I deeply appreciated in this volume.

The story highlights how the Superman’s regime and Batman’s rebellion affect the villains. They are part of this wounded world, which just like their superheroes opponents, they feel the need to choose a side. It was particularly interesting to see how the situation reverberates on Harley Quinn and her beliefs. She is a fun character and the writing plus the art reflect it perfectly. I have to say the fact that the meta jokes of Harley’s minions are amazing! In general, there is humor (be sure of it!) and plenty of it. The flow is easy between her stream of consciousness and her interactions (serious or not) with the other characters. It is well supported by good lettering which completes the job. The pencil and ink works bring a colorful mood, giving a light atmosphere in the comics but dark at times.

The creators managed to tackle some themes I thought Harley incapable of having like seriousness, feelings and sensitive to world affairs. I really loved that aspect of her, having deep emotions which left her confused and affected. The whole aesthetic goes so well with Harley’s narrative side of the Injustice story. The captions contain her severe interior monologues about how she cares and questions the world plus her relationships with different characters. It brings a specific mood in the comic. The color plays a wonderful role to highlight the mood, the optimistic and crazy moments. Of course, it still has dark captions to convey Harley’s conflicted emotions. Her character is engaged in a conflict, emotional or not, and she feels like she doesn’t have a choice. This mindset mixes crazy rants and deep, weighty thoughts on the big superheroes and villains division and problem raised in Injustice.

It was a really good volume and I’m super excited to read the follow-up.
On to the next one Injustice!

I received a copy thanks to Edelweiss in exchange of an honest review.