A review by merlin_reads
White Is for Magic, by Laurie Faria Stolarz


 This one was definitely better than the first and I think I give that credit to Jacob - who is by far the best character to come out of this series so far. I like how the author kept him very secretive literally up until the last minute. I don't think there was really one thing I didn't like about him.

Now, as for everyone else...I like PJ, he's entertaining and always good for a laugh. Amber, I really just don't get. Chad - no comment. Drea - hmph...bitch and worst friend ever (I don't think my opinion of her is ever going to change).

The story line of this book felt a little more suspensful than the first book and I think because it had to deal with Stacey directly and her possible death. I still wish Stacey would grow a backbone though and actually stand up for herself.

Moving onto #3...