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Headstrong by Eden Finley


The New Neighbor
Corio Heights Book 1
By Rye Cox
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Spice: 🌶🌶

“My new neighbor was hot. And probably, most likely, gay. Oh my god. I had a new, hot, and gay neighbor.”

This a cute friends to lovers, slow burn, MM romance. Zach moves in next door to Caleb and Caleb is immediately smitten. Caleb doesn’t do well with relationships or feelings, but the way he feels around Zach flusters him to the core. Fortunately for Caleb, Zach thinks that a flustered Caleb might be his new favorite thing. The back and forth between these two was so sweet. Caleb, completely insecure in himself questions everything he says and does in front of Zach. It takes him a bit before “Hi” isn’t the only thing he can say. Zach’s empathy for Caleb is so freaking adorable. He does everything he can to make Caleb comfortable. I loved watching their relationship bloom and see peaks about the other books in the series. The only downside was that with every mention of a dessert, I wanted to try them too, but the way they help each other fulfill their dreams was heartwarming. They cared so much about each other and in Caleb’s case, he was willing to try long distance so that Zach could have his dream job. 

I really enjoyed this book and these characters. I look forward to returning to Curio City and seeing more of these characters.