A review by irenealgi
Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell


I'll probably come back to this review later, when I'm not as mad as I am now, and might give it three stars if I'm in a good mood. Right now, however, I just almost finished (I decided I'm just not going to bother reading the last passage (thirty pages) in weird old English) Cloud Atlas and I'm kinda pissed because I just wasted a month of my reading time on a pile of intricate words that mean more or less nothing. What is the point of Cloud Atlas? Why have I read Cloud Atlas? What do I get out of it?

Entertainment? Jeez, while some parts where mildly interesting, the language in more than half of the book was painful to read. Like, I don't mind making the effort if it's worth it, but it just wasn't. AND the whole story was cryptic and confusing just for the sake of it, too.

Have I learned something? No. I just haven't. I haven't read much SF in my life, but what I've read is far more superior in terms of thought, philosophy and social criticism.


AND, the link between the stories was weak. Very weak. I don't know in what world that would be an original turn of events. Definitely not in mine.

PS: I forced myself to finish this since it has such great reviews and readers describe it as a life-changing book. Must have missed quite more than thirty pages.