A review by deyaand
A Case of Need by Michael Crichton, Jeffery Hudson


I still voice type my reviews so if this feels long it’s just me rambling into my phone at 9:14 PM.

The beginning of this book was way better than the second half which is weird because I feel like it’s usually the opposite. Because this was written in like the 70s every character just felt like a white man and it made it very confusing when they all had names like James and Lee and Arthur and Conaway.

this is not a bad book at all I feel like it’s not as controversial now as it may have been back in the day just because abortion is a lot more talked about but it was back then, but also I’m very pro-choice so I can see why this is a lot for someone who is pro life.

I think that this book did a good job making it not so political and more of like a mystery like a who done it?
I did feel like I was pushing through the second half and the ending did not shock me nor surprise me and it felt a little underwhelming for the tone of the rest of the book. if Goodreads gave half stars this would be 3 1/2 so I need that feature really soon.