A review by effy
How to Sell a Haunted House by Grady Hendrix


I picked this book up with the intention of it being a hate read because my friend hated it and, unfortunately, it was even worse than I anticipated.

The issues that I have with this book can be largely split into three areas: the book was more focused on interpersonal dramas than the "haunted house"; there was a really nice, organic finish point for the book but then the story had another 3 hours after that; and
Spoiler the house wasn't haunted, it was a possessed puppet.

Spoiler possessed puppet
was a real issue for me because it just came across as utterly ridiculous and there was absolutely no sense of tension or terror created. The fact that Hendrix couldn't resistĀ 
Spoiler giving the puppet a whole backstory about an uncle who died as a child
just furthered the ridiculousness and not in a fun way.

Honestly, I could rip into this book more but I just don't feel that it deserves any more of my time.

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