A review by musdalafa
The Favor by Suzanne Wright


(2.5 ⭐️)
there is a lot to unpack my friends so lets just get into it.

i was so excited to read this book because i love marriage of convenience/ fake dating/ grumpy x sunshine books. i eat that sh!t up every single time. so when i heard that this book had that i picked it up immediately.

the beginning was super amazing. just how i expected it to go. they made a deal to stay married for one year so that dane could acces his trust fund etc etc…now here is when everything goes south.

first of all we all know how this book is gonna end. SPOILER ALERT: they fall in love. wow, you didn’t see that coming, huh?? anyway our main guy dane is the most boring mmc i’ve read about. he has no depth, no personality, no nothing. all he does is grunt. i can’t even call this a slow burn romance because there was NO BURNING. JUST SLOW.

where is the chemistry?? where is the tension?? where is the angst?? never heard, never seen. so much telling but no showing. when i’m reading a book i need to feel the TENSION in my bones.

another thing i HATED about this book was the amount of “villains” (that sounds so bizarre lmafaoaoa) it had. at first it was fun and entertaining because one thing about me?? i LOOOOVVEE drama. but in this case when it gets too much to the point the only “plot” (