A review by andimontgomery
Deadly Little Secret by Laurie Faria Stolarz


Ok, this was a quick read, but not a very good one. It tries to be a suspense novel, but ended up annoying me too much to be even the least bit scary.

Yes, the book was similar enough to Twilight to question the originality of the plot (or at least some parts of it). The short and sweet version is that Camelia is saved from getting squashed by a car by an enigmatic and handsome newcomer to her town with a violent past. After that accident, though, she can't stop thinking about him and tries to get to know him better.

At the same time, it appears that someone has become obsessed with her and is leaving her creepy photos and notes. So, who is the nutcase? Is it handsome newcomer Ben, or one of a slew of other characters interjected into the plot just to keep you guessing? Did I really care? Um, no.

Her friends are another annoying factor. Kimmie and Wes are immature and single-minded. I could not stand either of them. Even the adults are written like total idiots.

While I often YA books, this was just too young for my taste.