A review by leelah
Signatures of the Dead by Faith Hunter, Khristine Hvam


Read as part of [b:Have Stakes, Will Travel|15986286|Have Stakes, Will Travel (Jane Yellowrock, #4.5)|Faith Hunter|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1346791512s/15986286.jpg|21741210] anthology.

This is also one of stories hinted in novels, specifically in first book.
We know that Katie hired Jane because she earned reputation of taking down entire clan of rogue vampires. This is the story that covers that event.

Another one told from Molly's pov. It's connected to [b:Haints: A Jane Yellowrock Story|20744870|Haints A Jane Yellowrock Story|Faith Hunter|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1391738367s/20744870.jpg|40075853] since we got to know in that one all about how Molly's powers work and that they are the reason for why she is on back-call of local detective and their friend Brax.
There is a butchered family and Molly, Jane and Brax know they have to stop vamps before they get hungry again.

So, this story is important to me on some visceral level because it reminds me that Jane is not all powerful. Katie and her customers don't know beyond the results (which is, that job was done), but Jane suffered a great deal in this fight and it took a long tiem for her to recover.
It's also obvious that Everhart clan owes her for saving Carmen even though she did it for Molly. It makes more sense why sisters are ready to listen to her later on.