A review by jerzgrl626
The Fortunes of Jaded Women by Carolyn Huynh


3.5 stars

I love generational family books that delve into the inner workings of a family and this book did just that. This book follows over 14 Vietnamese women who are all "cursed" from generation to generation. It explores the different ways they are "cursed" in their lives but also how hard they work to transcend the curse and better their futures.

I loved how each segment of the family got their own story but also tied in to a larger story that encompassed the entire family. The ending to me was a bit abrupt, but it was fun to ride the rollercoaster the eccentric characters took us on and the chaos that ensued. This book explored the messy side of family through the different women suffering from grief, anger and jealously but it also conveyed the notion of family sticking by your side through thick and thin, even when you least expect it.