A review by starlitswords
A Fairy King by C.J. Brightley


I was pleased with the concept and the adorableness level of this novella.
Unlike some other titles by this author, the title of this novella is much more obvious and not so symbolic, telling the reader exactly what this book will entail. The cover itself, however, is much more mysterious and kept me wondering why there was a snow owl instead of something else that had something to do with the fairies of the world in this work. I also liked the simplicity.
I was prepared for the beginning this time, as this seems to be the case with all of the first books in C.J.'s series', which felt hurried until it settled sometime in the second chapter. I was hoping for just a little bit more detail, a little bit more indication for a passage in time. The reader meets Hannah, the protagonist, when she is nine and all of a sudden she is in high school, and this left me very confused. Even though it is only a fifty-seven page book, a few more details could have possibly been squeezed in. I also think the couple of typos could also be pushed aside, as it is, we are only human.
With that aside, the plot was absolutely adorable. The lack of description of Hannah let the readers be able to step into her shoes and experience the friendly romance between her and the king in her eyes. I liked the use of magic and how it also jested and how the use of it is described in great power and how I was able to feel that myself. The emotions evoked in Hannah also did indeed stir the warm-and-fuzzies inside of me. It is indubitably a cute love story and I cannot wait for the sequel.