A review by liralen
Honor Girl: A Graphic Memoir, by Maggie Thrash


Nostalgic but somewhat cynical look at summer camp and coming out. I never went to sleepaway camp* but it's enough a part of popular culture for the sense to be instantly recognisable. Great details, too: the leash; the wildly idiotic Blue/Gray 're-enactment'; the, well, casual-gay-coolness of Erin.

Best dialogue (page 133):
Maggie: So you're in Colorado?
Erin: Yeah, in Boulder. I'm an Astronomy major.
Maggie: Really? Do you know all the stars?
Erin: Well, there are 300 billion stars in our galaxy, so...
Maggie: Wow... How many are in our solar system?
Erin: ...One.
Maggie: Oh yeah, duh.

Anyway. Given current events and all, one thing did give me pause: When no one was around, Thrash says, I'd sit on the roof of the house and shoot acorns with my dad's .22. You could do that sort of thing in Georgia without anyone calling the police (237). Can I just add a caveat to that? How about if you were a white female and your dad was a federal judge?

Erm. Right. The ending...well, something of a disappointment—but not just for the reader. Sounds like life.

*I suspect this was because my older sister did go, and she returned spouting maxims like 'Jesus first, others second, yourself last'.