A review by nwhyte
Again, Dangerous Visions, by James B. Hemesath, Joanna Russ, Harlan Ellison, Ken McCullough, Ray Faraday Nelson, Gahan Wilson, Kate Wilhelm, Robin Scott, T.L. Sherred, Ursula K. Le Guin, A. Parra, David Gerrold, M. John Harrison, Burt K. Filer, Andrew Weiner, Chad Oliver, Lee Hoffman, Piers Anthony, Judith Ann Lawrence, James Blish, Gregory Benford, Leonard Tushnet, Gene Wolfe, Andrew J. Offutt, Edward Bryant, Ben Bova, Kurt Vonnegut, Richard A. Lupoff, Joan Bernott, H.H. Hollis, Barry N. Malzberg, Terry Carr, Evelyn Lief, David Kerr, John Heidenry, Josephine Saxton, Bernard Wolfe, Richard Hill, Dean Koontz, James Sallis, Ross Rocklynne, Ray Bradbury, Thomas M. Disch, James Tiptree Jr.

http://nhw.livejournal.com/987086.html[return][return]This is the famous follow-up volume to the even more famous Dangerous Visions; an anthology of 41 stories, mainly by the leading lights of sf as it was in 1972, with vast amounts of prefatory material by editor Harlan Ellison and an afterword from each author, and nice art from Ed Emshwiller introducing each story.[return][return]But what is striking is how unmemorable and self-indulgent most of the stories are (also true of Ellison's long-winded prefaces). The three best are definitely Ursula Le Guin's "The Word for World is Forest", Joanna Russ's "When it Changed", and James Tiptree Jr's "The Milk of Paradise"; interestingly all three have the same basic plot, of an unspoilt planet being wrecked by us humans. Many of the others are just silly, Kurt Vonnegut being particularly proud of Using Rude Words To Be Grown-Up. In fact, the only other one I enjoyed was James Blish's erotic pastiche "Getting Along", which parodies numerous High Gothic writers - I particularly liked his riff on The Moon Pool.[return][return]But four memorable stories out of 41 is a very poor strike rate. I couldn't in all conscience recommend anyone to spend money on this collection, and I am wondering, heretically, if it is really such a shame that the third volume of the series never appeared.