A review by arrowsartsandbooks
The Butterfly Clues by Kate Ellison


This book was very predictable, you could see who Bird was from a mile away. You could also figure out who the killer was pretty early on. After all this time building trust between Penelope and Flynt, it feels like the reader still barely knows who Flint is. Here are some bad quotes from the book:

1. "I stare at his bear ears, then his blue-green-gold eyes." Alexa play Repeat Stuff by Bo Burnham.

2. "...A Post-It note that says 'Laundry!!' in a girls handwriting." Since when is handwriting gendered?

3. "His blue eyes got even bluer." I cannot visualize this. What is this even supposed to mean?

There's also something so childish about writing "END" in a huge font at the end of the book.