A review by onceupon_a_bookdream
Aftershock by Judy Melinek, T. J. Mitchell


[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

When I was given an option to review an arc of Aftershock by Judy Melinek and T.J. Mitchell I read the synopsis and was quite excited for it. I think in the future I need to pay more attention because if I knew this was a procedural mystery I might have passed.

Unfortunately there was more about this book that I disliked than I enjoyed. While it was well written and the story read smoothly, the most interesting parts to me where the times spent in the actual morgue. That's all I have for you in the positive column.

I don't know if it's because I didn't read the first book, therefore I had no former attachment to Dr. Jessie Teska but she was a very disappointing lead. She was completely work focused and when it came to her personal life I found her selfish and unlikable. Something happens around the 60% mark that made me want to smack her. She handles her romantic relationship immaturely and makes excuses for her own behavior. Whether or not her personal relationship partner was a good match or not didn't excuse her actions.

Onto the main plot line of the story, the mystery aspect. I guess I never fully understood why, as the medical examiner, she was so involved in the investigation process. Besides that I found the mystery of 'who dunnit' underwhelming. When Jessie figures it all out, my reaction was an eye roll.

In the end, Aftershock was just not the book for me.