A review by rutatheythem
Turnabout by Laurel Greer


TW: Toxic parents
Spoiler(Carter's dad, Auden's mum)

I didn't expect to dislike this, as much as I did. But it was too long, and too repetitive, and just when I said "There is the epilogue! We'll see at least an HFN!" but alas, there was another one of those hurdles the couple supposedly already had jumped through.

Also, this might be a little bit spoilery so don't continue to read if you want don't want to get spoiled.


I don't get the sudden change of ideas of Carter's dad. He refused to see the point of Carter's ideas for all his life, and after a couple of weeks he decides that he'll do what Carter says and determines that he was actually jealous of his business savy for all those years. WTH? And even after all that he still puts Carter in difficult situations, and Carter gets along with him. Again, WTH? I know that it is hard to put boundaries, especially with your parents, but this really made me uncomfortable. And seeing that this author doesn't really write queer romance I don't think I'll read another one of her books.