A review by brookieskies
Emily Windsnap and the Siren's Secret by Liz Kessler


My love for Emily Windsnap has died since the Kraken book. I often find her stories bland and melodramatic. I understand this is a children's book, but that's not an excuse to not write well.
Emily is always right. She does wrong all the time, yet she treats her parents, friends, and even neighbors without respect. It's like she doesnt actually learn a lesson from book to book. Mandy being the bully in this story and then gaining friendship again with Emily was so fast it seemed fake. The whole ending of this story was too good to be true.
You're really going to tell me that an ENTIRE TOWN is just going to love merfolk and that no one person is like... did we just drink the kool-aid?
3 stars for a poor plot and poor ending with an obnoxious MC.